WhatsApp Business API

Developed for companies of all sizes, WhatsApp Business API allows for efficient communication with clients around the world through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a private messaging program originally created to help people contact friends and family. As time went on, WhatsApp noticed how much people loved to send messages directly to businesses, so they developed two new tools: WhatsApp Business app and the WhatsApp Business API to help businesses manage their relationships with their clients.

Is Positus officially authorized by WhatsApp/Facebook?

Yes, we are a BSP (business Service Provider). Positus is a part of the Robbu Group and officially licensed by WhatsApp/Facebook to sell the WhatsApp Business API worldwide.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

First, let's explain what is an API

API (Application Programming Interface) is one of the most frequently used means of integrating systems, in this case WhatsApp’s API which allows any system to integrate with WhatsApp Business.

The WhatsApp Business API does not visually appear like the WhatsApp on your mobile device or even WhatsApp WEB.

In order to utilize WhatsApp Business API, you will need to integrate it with your system or to hire a company that provides this service, such as Invenio. Invenio is a powerful service tool developed by Robbu that enables mass communication to customers using a visual interface allowing for multiple users of the same WhatsApp number or through chatbots. This interface also allows you to send multiple notifications to your customers

This solution was developed for companies of all sizes, as WhatsApp Business API allows for efficient communication with customers around the world in a simple, safe, and trustworthy manner.

What do I need to know before starting to use the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is not a platform. An API (Application Programming Interface) is just a form of communication between systems. To use the WhatsApp API you need technical programming knowledge or hire a company that provides a service solution with integration with the WhatsApp Business API. But don't worry, Positus sells Positus Messenger in addition to several approved partners.

Can I use the WhatsApp Business API and keep the account active on my phone simultaneously?

Do not. To use the WhatsApp Business API you need to delete your current WhatsApp account, so you will lose all existing conversations. Currently, WhatsApp does not offer any migration process, but people who have your contact on the calendar can start a conversation normally with you.

Can I cancel the WhatsApp Business API contract and switch back to using WhatsApp on my mobile device?

You can cancel the contract but your number will not be enabled again to use on your phone due to the security rules of WhatsApp Business API, these rules are not from Positus.

How long will my number be unavailable for switching between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business API?

This will depend on your CRM provider, however using Positus or Robbu solutions your number will be inactive for approximately 5 minutes, and may vary according to the receipt of the call or SMS triggered to verify the account.

Is WhatsApp Business API a service platform?

No. WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate with your own service platform in an official capacity, allowing you to use the same WhatsApp number in many machines simultaneously.

Therefore, you should either develop your own service platform or to hire a solution, such as Invenio, to facilitate the communication with your customers.

This is exactly what Invenio by Robbu does. Try it for free for 7 days!

What is the correct way to use WhatsApp Business API?

You may use the WhatsApp Business API in various ways, either directly integrated with your system or through simultaneous customer care tools such as Invenio by Robbu.

The main thing is the manner of your customer care, WhatsApp Business API was not developed to send unwanted messages.

Bulk communications are permitted in a controlled manner, through pre-defined messages that are evaluated by WhatsApp, to prevent undue messages from being sent.

The service must be fast as well as cordial, customers do not like waiting for hours for a response. For this reason, WhatsApp limited its response time to 24 hours after each message is received by the customer, this “window” is renewed automatically for another 24 hours after each received message.

Don’t be pushy with your customer, for example: if a customer contacted you looking for a Brand X sneaker, don’t push buying Brand Y. Always focus on your customers’ experience, which will help prevent your phone number having a low quality rating from Facebook.

How can I use the WhatsApp Business API?

You can use the WhatsApp Business API by directly integrating your own system with the API or by using a customer care tool such as Invenio. Invenio is a flexible platform developed by Robbu, containing functions such as multiple users on a single number simultaneously handling customer calls and bulk notifications.

Access the website https://robbu.global and try the complete digital solution in all integrated channels free for 7 days.

Who can use the WhatsApp Business API?

Any company, regardless of size can join provided they follow WhatsApp's commerce policies, which can be found in the link below.

If I hire Positus, can I integrate the API with any CRM/System?

Yes, once you hire Positus you will have direct access to your account in the WhatsApp API, and also able to integrate with Invenio, a powerful customer care tool developed by Robbu, or integrate with any other platform.

Can I do bulk messaging?

Yes. Though it is important to remember that bulk messaging is not related to SPAM or publicity.

You cannot use WhatsApp to send unwanted or undue messages to your customers. The main premise to succeed in WhatsApp Business API utilization is:

  • Is the message I'm sending in the interest of my company?

    Yes. Then you may not send it.

  • Is the message I'm sending in the interest of my customer?

    Yes. Then you probably may send it.

Bulk messaging is possible through HSMs, messages that are pre-approved by WhatsApp. You must submit your message language through Positus, as your official partner, to be reviewed and approved by WhatsApp. Once you are able to start messaging, your rate limits are gradually increased, starting with 1,000 messages per day. After a few days without quality warnings (customer complaints or marked as SPAM), WhatsApp will raise your rate limits to 10,000 messages per day and beyond This way you can reach a wide audience per day with high quality standards.

HSM (Highly Structured Message)

Can I send spam with WhatsApp Business API?

No. To simplify this topic, we suggest that by modifying your strategy to focus more on your customers' experience, you will have higher rates of success.

  • What is spam?

    Spam is a term attributed to a message that is received but not solicited by the user.

Can I be banned from the WhatsApp Business API?

Yes. Though we have not experienced this with any of our clients. To avoid this from happening, we at Positus will help you follow best practices. We seek to ensure that you follow all rules of use and guarantee a positive experience for your customers.

Can I send advertising, promotional, or marketing messages?

No. You may not send advertising, promotional, or marketing messages. It is permitted to answer to a customer who directly contacted you as a result of an advertisement placed outside of WhatsApp, as long as the advertisement does not infringe upon the commerce policy.

What are the advantages of using the WhatsApp Business API?

  • Scaling up your customer care by creating or utilizing a digital customer care platform, allowing multiple agents to communicate with customers through a single number.

  • Ease of building automated solutions to make your company available 24/7.

  • Possibility of adopting a hybrid model with both chatbots and humans.

  • Recording of conversations in order to generate service protocols and ensure the safety of both your company and your customers.

  • Management reports.

The Invenio platform, developed by Robbu, is easily implemented and provides all these benefits.

Can I create a customer care bot (chatbot) through WhatsApp?

Yes,you can integrate the WhatsApp Business API with any automatic care solution such as Watson, Microsoft Bot Framework, Dialogflow.

To simplify your work, Robbu developed a platform called IDR (Interactive digital response), through which anyone, even without technical skils, can build incredible chatbots.

This type of account is characterized by a verified account seal (a green checkmark) next to the user’s name and in the header of the chat window. The company name is visible even if you have no added it to your contacts.

One example of this scenario is our own number, send a message to our WhatsApp: https://wa.me/551126265327

A verified account can certainly give your business much more prominence, as well as confidence for your clients, among other great benefits.

The first step to acquiring this seal is to work with an official Facebook Partner, such as Positus, but this does not guarantee your account will be verified. So far, there are no publicly defined rules, but generally the better known your brand is on the market, the better your chances of acquiring this seal.

We can take your verification request directly to Facebook to evaluate.

What is an HSM (Message Template)?

HSM stands for Highly Structured Message or just simply messages that are pre-approved by WhatsApp.

In order to send bulk mailings, notifications, and alerts, you will have to create a template phrase that you wish you send. This template can be a sentence, image, vídeo, or file. Just remember that spam messages are not allowed according to WhatsApp’s policies. We suggest that you evaluate all messages using the followin:

  • Is the message I'm sending in the interest of my company?

    Yes. Then you may not send it.

  • Is the message I'm sending in the interest of my customer?

    Yes. Then you probably may send it.

These templates can be either approved or rejected by Facebook. If approved, you will be able to start sending your messages in gradual increments, with your daily rates increasing according to your customer satisfaction levels. If your messages get reported as spam, your phone number will be flagged as having lower quality and your daily messaging rate will be decreased.

Interactive HSM - Sending messages with buttons

Sending messages with interactive buttons is only available through HSM and cannot as of yet be used as transactional messages.

Interactive messaging can really expand the content you can send to your customers, in addition to the standard messages and messages with media files to include buttons.

There are two types of predefined buttons offered:

• Call to action - Allows your customer to call a phone number and visit a website • Quick response - Allows your customer to return a simple text message

These buttons can be included in text or media messages. Once your interactive message templates are created and approved, you can use them in notification messages, as well as customer service messages.

A template can be either a Call to action or a Quick response, but it can't have both types of buttons.

Currently, there is a limitation of a maximum of 3 buttons per template.

Pre-requisites for activating a WhatsApp Business API number

You must have a verified Business Facebook account, which any company may create, by accessing this website: https://business.facebook.com/

Any company can have a verified account, but remember that a verified Business Facebook account does not have any relation to the green seal of an verified (authenticated) WhatsApp account. The Business Facebook account verification guarantees everyone that your company is in fact itself.

How to verify your Business Facebook account

Access your business manager through this website: https://business.facebook.com/. Go to the upper right menu “Business Settings” >> “Security Center” and click on the button “Start verification”. Then follow the instructions provided.

Esta etapa deve ser realizada pela empresa e deve ser seguida independente do provedor de WhatsApp API que você escolher. Sugerimos iniciar este processo imediatamente.

How to use the WhatsApp Business API on a service platform?

Don't worry about that, contact Robbu and they will be able to simplify this step by delivering a complete solution in a few days, integrating various channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger among others.

In case you would like another provider, merely provide them our integration documentation which will be given to you after hiring, or after you create a free account on our website https://posit.us

Can I chat with my customer without limit (24 hour window)?

By always focusing on the customer experience, WhatsApp created a few rules, though you may contact your client whenever you want, through a simple message or notification. The important part is: Contact your clients when it is in their interest, not just your company's. If someone initiates a conversation with you, is it possible to continue it through WhatsApp, at no cost, up to 24 hours after the last message is sent by that customer ("Customer Support Period"). Outside of this Customer Support Period, you may only send messages through approved message templates, for which we will charge a fee.

During the Customer Support Period, you may use automated means of response, but you must also ensure clear, fast, and direct ways of contacting human agents.

You may only initiate conversations by sending notifications in connection with a transaction and only through approved message templates (as defined in our documentation) subject to applicable prices. The user must comply with all terms and policies, and only use these for their respective purposes. We reserve the right to review, approve, and reject any message template at any time.

Am I able to use the Business API instead of WhatsApp Business on my cell phone?

With the WhatsApp Business API you will be able to integrate with a digital service solution like Invenio by Robbu, allowing you to make a single WhatsApp number available to all your customers, and then allowing multiple agents on your team to serve your customers simultaneously.

You can also automate all or part of your service, making your company available 24/7.

I can use WhatsApp Business API with which types of number (landline, mobile, 0800) and who provides the number?

Yes. You can use any valid phone number that is able to receive international calls. Currently all landline and mobile numbers receive international calls. For 0800 numbers you should consult your phone service provider.

The activation can be done by SMS or phone call, where you will receive a 6-digit code. Please note that during phone calls the codes are read aloud in English with numbers from 0 to 0, read individually.

Can I migrate a cell phone WhatsApp number to the WhatsApp Business API?

Yes. Is it possible to migrate a number currently being used on a cell phone to the WhatsApp Business API. The number can still be used normally during the verification process. Once your account is activated on the WhatsApp Business API, you should remove the account from your cell phone app in the settings menu, therefore only making your number unavailable for a very short period of time.

Can I migrate a number that is with another official WhatsApp Business API provider to Positus or vice-versa?

No. An active number with a provider cannot be migrated to another provider. This is one of the main reasons why Robbu created Positus.

Note: You will be able to use your official number integrated with any multichannel platform or CRM, but will not be able to migrate providers.

Can I have more than one number using WhatsApp Business API?

Yes. You can have more than one registered phone number. Currently there is a limit of 5 numbers per WABA.

WABA: WhatsApp Business Account.

Can I have an account with more than one WhatsApp Business API provider?

Yes. You can have accounts with all providers.

Note: The same number cannot be migrated or be active in more than one provider.

Can I use WhatsApp on my cell phone and on the WhatsApp Business API at the same time?

No, once you activate your number on the WhatsApp Business API you will not be able to use it on the WhatsApp cell phone app.

Display Name

When you add a new phone number to your WhatsApp account in the Facebook Business Manager, you give it a display name. The display name is mandatory, without it the WhatsApp Business API client will not work.

📌 All display names must be related to the company, in the example below, see that the company name is "Positus Tecnologia da Informação LTDA". For this case the display name should be:

✅ Positus ✅ Positus Tecnologia ✅ Positus Tecnologia da Informação ✅ Positus Teste ❌ Positus - Test ❌ positus ❌ Positus tecnologia ❌ Qualquer outra coisa

See all the rules for setting your display name: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/guides/display-name

How long does it take to create a WhatsApp Business API account?

The time varies according to a few variables, although on most cases we are able to activate the number on the same day.

  1. Creating the Business Facebook

    Timeline: 0 to 7 days Description: Create your account (https://business.facebook.com/) and complete the verification

  2. Registering the Client's Business Facebook Timeline: 0 to 3 business days Description: Based on information we will request, we will register your company on the platform.

  3. Approving Positus on your Business Facebook

    Timeline: indeterminate Description: This process depends exclusively on you. In the request menu in your BM (Business Facebook) you will need to accept the notification, allowing Positus to register your account on WhatsApp.

  4. Validation of your WhatsApp account name by Facebook

    Timeline: 0 to 7 business days Description: If all the other steps are successfully completed, Facebook will verify that the name on your WhatsApp account belongs to your company. In this step, your information will be cross-checked, therefore it is very important that the name on your account is in accordance with the registration done in step 2. If the name is not approved, we will make a new attempt which will renew timeline.

  5. Creating the infrastructure

    Timeline: 0 to 3 business days Description: In this step Positus will be responsible for creating the entire infrastructure required to activate and use your WhatsApp number via API, according to the contract signed between the parties.

  6. Activation of the number

    Timeline: indeterminate Description: The activation is scheduled by the client with the Positus team. This is the last step before full use of your number via API. The activation can be done through SMS (mobile phones) or via voice calls to any type of phone.

Can I send and receive images, audio, and files through the WhatsApp Business API?

Yes. Currently all media types are supported.

How to delete your WhatsApp account (mobile) to activate on a WhatsApp Business API provider

After activating the WhatsApp Business API, it will no longer be possible to activate the number on a mobile phone.

When you delete your WhatsApp (mobile) account, all conversions are lost and are not migrated to the WhatsApp Business API.

  • To delete your account, access the WhatsApp "Settings" menu, navigate to "Account" and then "Delete my account" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I use groups with the WhatsApp Business API?

👎 No, this feature has been discontinued by WhatsApp.

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What is the ideal size and format for my Avatar on WhatsApp?

We suggest using the size of 600 x 600 px, either PNG or Jpeg.

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